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BS 1363 Safety norm violation


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Feb 5, 2023
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I have bought 5 adaapters like that :

Ebay sent me a message :

Nous accordons une grande importance à la sécurité des produits. Nous vous contactons, car un objet qui vous intéresse est susceptible de faire l'objet d'un rappel ou de présenter un risque pour la sécurité.. Nous vous recommandons de cesser toute utilisation de ce produit. Si vous avez des questions concernant l'objet, contactez le vendeur ou le fabricant. Les détails de l'objet sont indiqués ci-dessous.

This item was referred to us by UK authorities due to product safety concerns. The item(s) in question has been found to be harmful to its users. These plug pins do not meet BS 1363 safety standards.

Détails de l'objet : 193094354096 - 5V 1A/2A/3A Universal USB Charger Travel Wall Power Adapter for iPhone Samsung

I have found the norm here :

In the past I have worked on tv sets, phones and other, and I know how to deal with norms, especiallyCEI 60950 and UL94...

In the case of this AC-DC supply I think it could be clearance for insulation (chap. 8) but to be sure I would open one, but the plastic case is sealed probably by ultrasonic process.I have opened some FRIWO products(Germany) for PHILIPS phones,simply by pressing them laterally to break solder joint, but this case is too small. I do not wish to sacrify one.

Does someone has encountered a problem with this adapter ???
You are apparently in France, why do you worry about British Standards? These devices may have different kinds of safety issues, but plug pins not meeting BS 1363 seems simply refer to the fact that they don't use British mains plugs.

The quoted message is mostly useless if they don't tell which design detail they are referring to. In particular, the US version is designed for 120 VAC and has in fact limited creepage distance by design. The CEE 7/16 "Euro" connector should be however o.k. Most AC adapters designed for the international market have snap-on adapters with different national connector face these days. Apparently that's the way to go to comply also with British Standards.
Thank you for your answer.

Yes I am in France and the ebay message does not give the exact reason of the rule violation. I don't think it would be about the type of plug. And there is no BS marking, only a CE marking (auto-control only !!!) as we can see in this other description even for US plug :

Anyway, all the european norms are similar in terms of security (thunderstorm for example) so if a risk of leakage or fire exists,

I intent to use these adaptors for hardware/software development, with usb converters like this :

so I will handle these adapters with care
If you are seriously interested, you should ask eBay for a clarification. Maybe the quoted statement is mistakable but it's clearly talking about plug pins.
It is clearly mentioned " est susceptible de faire l'objet d'un rappel ou de présenter un risque pour la sécurité "

At the end of their message they say that this automatic msg, do not respond to it but consult help, I think some buyers have reported problems, and the french abstract talks about rappel produit :

A product recall is a request to return a product after the discovery of safety issues or product defects that might endanger the consumer or put the maker/seller at risk of legal action.

The box is effectively sealed, the uppef face in my drawing has the plug according to country


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Many chapter power supplies have safety issues, particularly insufficient internal clearance and creepage. Could be the case with this device. I wonder why they are specifically referring to BS1363, the general safety requirements don't differ from international (IEC/EN) standards.
I think it could be an English buyer who had reported a case to Ebay, and I have just survey the BS1363 norm.

Since the adaptor has only a CE marking it shoult comply to EN 60950. Most of these products have insufficient insulation. The reference of this one is CY-0530 probably for 5V and 3 Amp and AliExpress has it.

Before using this one for laboratory work I will make some measurements.:
Watt on mains without and with load at 1, 2 and 3 Amp, and voltage, and temperature (outside).
Leakage current between mains and output if I can repair my dielectric meter

I will plug the USB POWER DC/DC directly at the output of the adaptor, because USB cables generally cannot support 3A
The pins of the British BS standard do not look like this. They are two square contacts with plastic sheaths and must have a protective ground wire contact, which means they must have three pins. The protective ground wire contact foot of a low-power power supply can be made of plastic.

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