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Brief PDF catalogs needed for PWM controller selection.


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Jun 13, 2021
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Have you ever tried to search the entire web for a SMPS PWM controller with a certain spec…eg you want
2…5 to 60Vin
3…Non synchronous
4……etc etc

And you are clicking through multiple links to try and get to a semi co’s online selector tool….on your way, your screen is constantly going into “blue circle delay” mode…….and five hours later, you think you may have found something. Lets face it, even digikey doesn’t let you search on all features you may want…….and some of their search tools are a bit weird…like you want 5Vout……but you can get “2-10vout”, “3-15vout”, and a thousand other combos, etc etc…..left clicking every one is turning you into a “click moron”.
And these online selector tools, they go off the end of your screen…they take up loads of time.
So whats needed, is for each semi co, to produce a simple PDF catalog, with headings, eg “AC/DC PWM controller”, “Synchronous Buck external FET”, etc etc….then people can quickly zoom through all of these to find the “candidate” part numbers.

That’s all they would have to do, just a list of the part numbers, under appropriate headings, eg "PFC controller -Average current mode"…with perhaps the footprint so you can see how big it is.
…nothing more than that…..just so it’s a small list…..the engineer can then drill down from there if need be.

the online selector tools are OK, and can stay, but a brief overall PDF catalog summary, which contains their entire range , under appropriate headings, is needed.

Why is it that the semi co’s don’t do this any more.?
(OK, we all know why...SMPS are all mostly designed in China these we dont need to look for PWM controllers that much in the West...but one day we might need to)
Recently, the well known cheap old monolithic Buck converter IC (I forget the number) has gone nil-stocked everywhere….trying to find an alternative is taking ages and ages, and ages.
Recently spent hours seeking an Average current mode Boost PFC controller, which did trailing edge sync (so you can sync it well with the downstream converter).......and this search is still ongoing, after many many hours.......i have the UCC2817 , as the only one so far.
Thanks, but ayk, they only have these online selectors now, and it takes ages to go through them.

When I have a clear view of what I want ... it takes me maybe 1...5 minutes.
At the big manufacturers or big distributors.

I believe I've seen that some of the disti selection tools will let you export
a .csv of the filtered selections.

So maybe you could export the whole thing and sort it yourself, or you
might pre-sort (like if you don't care about low voltage then set the bar
and lose a lot of clutter). Add in all the columns just so you've got them.

Then export and you've got a captured, "live"-ish catalog.

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