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Bootloader and Codevision AVR. (isp using Ethernet)

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Jos Brink

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Jan 28, 2004
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avr ethernet bootloader


I've an AtMega128 connected to an Ethernet controller and now I want to update my software using a bootloader.

I have a few questions about this:

1) Using codevision, I can upload and program application and bootload section, But how can I switch between those 2 programs?

2) How can i use the SPM commands using C? or do i have to write the bootloader in ASM for that? Is it posible to flash my app code using C?

3) Are there libraries or extra help files for this. This whole bootload idea is a bit confusing for me. Because I've got to handle Ethernet frames I want to use C and not Asm. But simple SPM functions are no problem of course..

Does anyone have any experience with this?

Thnx alot.

Jos Brink!

codevision bootloader

usualy at startup bootloader executed and see serial port,
if nothing came, switch to stored program, else control give to loader.

see atmel application note for boot loader or see


bootloader avr ethernet

I've checked and that forum, but it says nothing on how to do the job using C. I've seen one example, and that guy used an inline asm "JMP" instruction to get to the bootloader.
nothing on how to actualy reflash your application.

the basic idea is to hook multiple atmels on to ethernet and update their applications at the same time. So I've to handle the upload command in my main application. You could compare my idea with norton Ghost. Only i cant physicly reach my controllers, thus I have to trigger the upload command some way.
Maybe this info is a bit more clear.

Thanx for your help. but i need more. ;):D

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