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bldc motor controller

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Apr 26, 2011
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I want to spin a BLDC motor using FPGA. The overall setup will look something like this:

**broken link removed**

Are there ICs that have gate driver and h-bridge in one package? So all I would have to do is provide this IC phase high and low command signals from the FPGA? Something that can run a +12V motor?

The components you suggested make up the entire motor controller. I need just the middle portion from the block diagram (H-bridge + Gate driver). Something like this:

**broken link removed**

Except, it does not come in TH/PDIP style package.

I am using Actel Fusion FPGA, and the Fusion embedded kit: Fusion Embedded Development Kit

The Ishnatek guys do this in verilog, which I don't know. I am doing it in VHDL.

It's so hard to find motor drivers in DIP packs.

Thanks! I already did that. Product Index, PMIC - Motor Drivers, and chose application as three phase bldc motor drive or 3p motor drive, with throughole package. I may have to go with an h-bridge pack and separate gate driver IC. It would have been nice if it was in one package, it makes less room for error.

ok fine understood. If i find that, i let you know friend....
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Few days back i found APEX PRECISION POWER(SA01 - 08 Series) has PMW amplifiers, that has in-built drivers with H-bridge.
you please go through them. there you can also control it through FPGA.
Good Luck

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