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Bias Point Analysis ?

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Nov 29, 2005
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bias point analysis

what is bias point analysis in pspice ? anybody ? thank you

pspice bias point analysis

bias point is where one or two resistive components
meet with an active component input part that requires a bias voltage to stop clipping of ac signals

bias point can be hard to measure in rf circuits etc...
so this analysis is provided
to show whats going on with devices like transistors or fet's
voltages around it when its operating

forinstance most single stage power amps for rf are class c

so will 'develop' bias on there gates when driven by some rf

this rf drive will rectify on the depletion zones of the device
to provide the bias voltage source

this is really hard to measure as the bias changes at Xmhz etc

class c for low frequency is a useless mode

what is bias point analysis

VSMVDD: what are you talking about???

Bias analysis is a .DC analysis where the quiescent point is studied. You can make a bias analysis to determine the bias point of your circuit and see its variation with temperature, a design parameter, supply voltage.

Nothing to do specifically with RF amplifiers and resistive components. Bias analysis is a general concept that applies to all kind of circuits.

definicion analisis bias point

Bias point analysis determines the equilibrium (quiescent) point voltages and currents for the circuit. In bias point analysis, all of the ac sources are turned off (voltage sources shorted, current sources opened) and only the dc sources are active.

In addition, bias point analysis is used as the starting point for small-signal ac analysis. Nonlinear components such as transistors are linearized about the bias point values to determine their small-signal equivalents used in ac analysis.

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