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Best simulation tool for Frequency selective surfaces?

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Dec 31, 1999
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frequency selective surfaces

Anybody has any experience with frequency selective surfaces and the existing simulators? Any examples or resources would be most welcomed.

Many Thanks

pmm fss osu

i wrote something by myself. if you get some information, pls kindly let me know.

thanks and regards

simulators for frequency selective surfaces

I know Empicasso has periodic green's functions built in. This would be most efficient.

IE3D and HFSS can simulate periodic structures.

frequency selective surfaces simulation

Thanks loucy.

ie3d simulating magnetic wall

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Hi cross

you can get what you want from
the book of Prof' Munk from Ohio University



Is there any software included in the above book?

I used IE3D to simulate FSS before. It is pretty good.

As I know, Ansoft has some siminar files about simulating FSS using HFSS on its web page.


Hi loucy

there is no software in the book


Anybody has the above ebook or a related link?

Coolao can you please attach an example you have done with IE3D and highlight
the link with the examples on the ansoft site?

Many Thanks

FSS on ansoft site

Go to ansoft site, search for FSS, then you will find some related topics.

Good luck!

book and Some papers

one book on FSS :
Frequency Selective Surface and Grid Array
T. K. Wu (Editor)
ISBN: 0-471-31189-8
331 Pages
October 1995

**broken link removed**

you may like to scan for munk's fss books...

I think images, magnetic and electric wall in IE3D can be used to simulate many repetation of particular structure.

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cross said:
Anybody has any experience with frequency selective surfaces and the existing simulators? Any examples or resources would be most welcomed.

Many Thanks

Definately HFSS cross. I used it in order to simulate and then construct in FR4 hehagonal rings and it worked very fine. By using periodic boundary conditions you can simulate just one fss element and not the whole array.
If you try to simulate the array itself you are definately running out of resources. PM me i could send you some of my work.

There is a software packadge for FSS. I will find the name for youand post again. Untill then there is Ben Munk's book as well as a book titled Frequency Selective Surface and Grid Array, edited by T.K. Wu. The Wu book does come with a disk.

The program is - Introduction to PMM- this comes out of ESL at Ohio State. This program will analyze multiple layers of periodic array elements.


hi all,i try the ansoft designer 2 ,i think it design for fss , i use it,it give very very good result
i try it on square ,ring,jerusalem cross
try it pls,that it give incident wave source and calaculate transmission and the reflection so easy

Ansoft Designer can compute transmission and reflection coefficients of an arbitrary unit cell geometry (plates, wires, etc.)

PMM can compute transmission and reflection coefficients for wire geometries. It is very accurate.

Both of these are periodic moment method codes. PMM is several orders of magnitude faster than Designer.

You could even use HFSS, although it may require some post-processing of the fields and is the most inefficient way to go about it. Runtimes would be very long for design purposes.

Hi antennas321

are you using PMM ?
does it deals with antennas?

study the following material
if helpfu;l tell me to send you more of that issue.

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