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Best microcontroller architecture

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Dec 20, 2005
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best microcontroller to know for industry

i have recently joined an embedded firm and i am bombarded by a barrage of Microcontroller architectures like MCORE,ARM,Coldfire,PowerPC etc

which is the Best architecture to master in terms of relevance in the real world.

arm microcontroller architecture

it's very hard to state which is the best architecture.
You need to have some standards/references for comparison.

top microcontroller architerctures

I think there is a best controller for each separated project, but there are not one best for all.

On the other hand, if you do not want to study another type for every other, you have to choose one. (or 2-3 types)

The ARM9 is high performance, and wery universal (or ARM7 with not so high performance). It is manufactured by differrent vendors, with different configurations (for low end to high end applications).

microcontroller architecture basics

i think it is better for u to start with 8051 micro controller
thats the basic and frequently used a beginner it will help u to get a knowledge about the basic architecture of a microcontroller.then u can switch to higher ones



you named 3 architectures from Freescale and one Standard architecture (ARM). All of your list are 32-bit architectures. The best architecture is what fullfils your needs at the lowest overall cost (which includes time to market, future upgrade options, tool requirements, required budget to get started...).

There are a lot of manufacturers for ARM, there is only one for Coldfire, a couple for (very different) Power PC. If you want selection from many vendors, look at ARM. The most Standard Microcontrollers with ARM7 core you get from Philips, ST, Atmel und some more specific devices from Sharp, OKI, TI, Freescale....

So, your requirement for memory space, performance, pricing... will dictate a lot what to use.


what i meant was i want to know which microcontroller should i learn and master,which would help me in terms of better career prospects in the embedded industry
i am not talking abt selecting a microcontroller for a project.

hi saudrehman,

for a better career you will learn to use many archeitectures ..... but as for yourself you should define your level of knowledge and background. if you have a absolute no experience with embedded systems you should start learn 8051 as sunshine said it's easy popular and you will find lots of resources and tutorials about it and you can build very good systems with it if you already have some kind of experience and knowledge with embedded systems so i recomend that you should start with the ARM arch. specially ARM7 ... it's very popular and powerful.... maybe because i am in the communcation industry i think that arm arch. is popular but for sure it's a good core. after all try to find out what's popular in your firm ..... for every firm there is some kind of a preferred core that they like to use and this emerges from the nature of the project that they work on plus their relative experience and the available support tools and licenses. try talking with your colleagues. after all it won't be long that you will find yourself with experience in more than one core. because if you have seen one ... you have seen them all. so once you have a agood experience with one core it will be lot easier to learn other core..... by the way what is the meaning of "learn a core" :?:

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