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BER estimation for FSK SDR based receiver

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Jul 19, 2011
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Hi all guys,

I have designed a receiver for FSK reception in 434 MHz ISM band. For this I used USRP1 and GnuRadio. Now, I would like to measure performances of my receiver. For this purposes I did following:

  1. I transmit over cable using signal generator a bunch of 10000 frames with pseudorandom data, with output power of signal generator as a parameter.
  2. I have a sort of lookup table since the device is not able to measure absolute power, but rather relative to ADC full scale. So, the lookup table consisted of abosulte input power and gain as an input parameters while the output parameter is relative power. I obtained this lookup table with signal generator. The relative power is calculated by squaring magnitude of the complex baseband signal followed by averaging, which would basically lead to RMS value.
  3. I measured relative noise power with antenna port terminated with 50 ohms. (Procedure same as above squaring and averaging)
  4. Next, I combine data from 1), 2) and 3). I calculated SNR as relative signal power - relative noise power. For such calculated SNR, I plot PER and BER. BER is derived with: BER = 1-nth_root(1-PER)
With this I get that my PER goes close to zero at around 20dB SNR value, which is too much in my opinion.

So, was my approach correct and are those values normal?

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