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beginner need help in winavr

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Jul 4, 2009
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winavr help

i have good experience in avr assembler and codevision c compiler

i want to learn winavr and before to learn it i want some answers of the following

is winavr gcc more powerfull than codevision?
if answer is yes
why winavr is free and codevision is not free(you must buy it)


1. I dont know
2. GCC is free and also open source (e.g. anyone can modify the compiler source and use it or even sell it, but under the GPL) and this is the purpose it was created as one essential part of of the GNU operating system back in the 80's. Its not a commercial product and there is no warranty for this software. But it is mature, widely used (linux is compiled with gcc) in many architectures, and you can see the source. In contrast CodevisionAVR is a commercial product (it is created more or less to sell it for the money), specific built for the AVR, probably closed source and probably is more straightforward to use and has better support.

winavr examples

Hai t_maggot

I cant accept that commercial products always will have more support than the GPL.

In this case winavr is mostly used and you can see a lot of examples, tutorials and codes all around the web.

Another thing is winavr is updated periodically still now.

No compiler is powerful than the other, as each compiler has its own pro's and con's


winavr 2009

Hai t_maggot & nandhu015

i think that the comparison between winavr and codevision depend on what is my application need

for example winavr support c++ so it is preferred in a large applicaton which require a large code
it can also done by codevision c compiler but it takes more effort

any one have suggetions on this topic please replay to me

winavr programming beginners

A commercial product has an advantage in support, because there is a person behind a phone-line/email that knows the product, is responsible for it to do what its suposed to do, and has to help you when you want it. The support from the users community you will find in forums, mailing-lists etc. exists anyway either for commercial or free/open-source products . I have not say that commercial always have better support than open. There are also crap companies with crap products and poor or no support (I am talking in general not for codevision). And also there are many companies that sell support services for free/open software

maybe look/ask also here

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