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Beeprog, Smartprog, JetProg

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Sep 23, 2009
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Hi friends, I need to build a Beeprog, JetProg or any programmer for the S3F9454. Youl see, I don´t have the minor posibility to buy one, because in my country no exist a payment mechanism for this transaction or buy a few PICs(for PIC I have all programs). So, I need a electronic schematic for a beeprog, smartprog, jetprog ect. I have a Seeprog schematics but only able for little serial memorys, no MCUs. The only chance I have is make it for my self with discretes components.

Thank for all friends and Be well.

The Samsung device that you are planning to program is not an easy one to program. I mean if it is SOP package type, you also need to design the socket adapter; but if it is a DIP device, any ZIP socket with at least 20 pin should be enough. Besides the schematics of such a programmer, you will also need to specs for the device. It might be easy to buy the programmer, and i believe you may get a PAYPAL account from any country to make the payment if you don't want to deal with wire transfer. At least i know that Xeltek is accepting paypal, you should check other brands as well. For example's i found this programmer from Xeltek's website, and it is the cheapest programmer that is supporting your device:

**broken link removed**

I wish i could help you more, but it looks very impossible that a company will share their programmer schematics with others. You can only reverse engineer them...

It is not easy to build a universal programmer yourself. Its too complex consisting of CPLD/FPGAs and universal pin drivers.
Try to find a programmer schematic specific for your target device.

Thans my friends for comments, yes is a very dificult task but to buy one is much more dificult because i live in Cuba and is allmost imposible mi country for a particular person to have access to an international count in dolars to pay anithing. So i keep waiting for a schemmatic or other solution.I tray to makeit with the jdm programmer and ICprog, it drives very well electronically speaking but the ICprog can´t load the .hex files generates for the SAMA asembler.

ok, be well may friends and thanks for all.

Hola colega. Estoy en el mismo caso tuyo no e podido encontrar nada para programar este tipo de micro.... Si tienes algo de esto ya te agradecería que lo compartieras... Tengo bastante información de los HC908 para si te interesa


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