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bascom or codevision??

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Jul 26, 2006
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bascom or

what is better and powerful for AVR programming?
bascom or codevision?

keypad with codevision

In my view

codevision is the best


keypad bascom

BascomAVR is Basic language.

Codevisionavr C language.

I prefer C language. All free- and industrial compilers are for C language. Codevisionavr codevizards are very good for learning 8-bit microcontrollers programming in C language.

codevision programming with keypad

Both compilers are very good, it depends on what language do you prefer.

codevision works bascom not

CodeVision is C compiler, Bascom is Basic compiler it's up to your skills which one you can use by powerful C or Basic ?

codevision basic compiler

Althogh many programmers say that C compiler is better and powerfull than basic
but sorry in my opinion BASCOM is the Best Compiler for Atmel in general i means
89xxx and AVR... and i can tel it is BASIC but with power of C


bascom avr vs codevision

you can not compare the facilities of bascom to use DTMF and many protocols by any other compilers.
Bascom AVR is very very easy and debt.

codevision keypad

zarakhan said:
what is better and powerful for AVR programming?
bascom or codevision?
advanteges of bascam:
1)you wpuld not write alot of codes for keypad
2) keyboard of the pc too!!
3) addition to usart pins(rxd,txd) on the avr you can define new (rxd,txd) pin with
2 or 3 lines of code compiler will do it for you!!
3) with a line of code you can define a rtc
4) with no code you can define your eight favorate characters on lcd
1)a really disadvanteges of bascom is that you can't define more than one
dimentioned variables that in some cases really would annoy you
2) it has not really produced for working with interrupts
all interrupts are low level activated at least fot atmega
and in one program althouth you can define more than one output interrupt
but the program will answer only to one of them
but you may face more unreasonable problems in your program

Added after 58 minutes:

zarakhan said:
what is better and powerful for AVR programming?
bascom or codevision?
second part
one of the disadvanteges of bascom is that you cannot have a line of code with more than one arithmetic or logic expressions
the main power of bascom is in it's ability to realate with another pc or uc
my last example would really help you estimate that we have two uc's that one of them want to send a number with the amount of 365895 to another if you try to recieve this number by codevision you should recieve it in six stages
but it's really easy in bascom !
after all i said i myself really try to write my programs with bascom because
nearly in all programs you need to have a keypad or a pc keyboard or have a rtc and easily calculate the time and realate to other uc's and you would really do these with bascom but do'nt forget if you have program that realates to two dimentional varibales or you in many lines need to have many arithmetic or logical expressions i prefer to use codevision lthough you can these by bascom but with more code
good luck!

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