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barcode reader to PIC16F876

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Dec 20, 2005
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Hello everybody....i'm creating a portable barcode reader system that is connected serially to a PIC and will actually scan a barcode and saved in the EEPROM of the PIC. the barcode that is saved can then be retrieved via hyperterminal when connected to computer.

My problem is..can i directly connect a barcode reader to the PIC?? what shud i need?? The salesman told me that...the barcode reader CAN ONLY be connected to a computer and not to that true??

badly need some advice here. hope someone can help me out....thanks very much.

How is the barcode reader connectected to a computer?
If it uses a common interface, like serial, or parallel, then you can definitely connect it to the PIC. If it uses USB, it's a little more difficult, but still possible.

If the barcode reader actually needs an adapter card to be installed in the computer, then you will have to pretty much emulate that card. This can be a more complicated thing, but it does not mean it cannot be done.

Can you provide more info? A link?
ya, as what u said, the barcode reader can actually be connected to the PIC through serial. But i found a swipe model that has no usermanual or software for me to program it. Anyone can help me? Thanks.

Is there a way you can describe the reader?

Anyway, if you have a scope, try checking the signals while reading a barcode. You can then use a PIC to decode that data.
About 10 years ago there was a Lattice appnote (it's called "Bar Code Reader", I have the hardcopy, but there is nothing on-line) that described how to decode those signals. I am not saying you should use a CPLD, but a PIC and that appnote could be useful.
I don't have a scanner, so I cannot help you there, but I can post the relevant info from it.

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