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AWR PCB Manufacturing

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Jan 21, 2013
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We are designing a double layer RF multiplexer on AWR MWO. However the layout design has already completed, we could not find some layer in MWO such as Silkscreen, Paste.

By using which layer we can write component numbers or how can we define a layer like silkscreen?
All components placed and SolderMask layer is used to define the location of solders. Besides, we need solder paste layer that is reauired at soldering process. Is there any solder paste layer or how can we define that layer?

Thanks for your interest.

to resolve this , search in the getting started the key word: layer mapping or something like that. In what I remember , you select the layer, and then with the DRAW tool on the tab you can draw what ever you want (you sholud see :draw tool , in getting started).

Hope it's ok.
Hi Manuel,

Thans for your reply. I have already draw that layers, done mapping and define their thickness and height. However, the essential problem is how the manufacturer understand type of the layers? Is there any difference between layers, such as what's the diffrence between Copper and Metal layers? Which parameters specify type of the layers?

Hi Ali,

I think the manufacturer gives you the layers (for example, Cooper) and you map a layer with cooper. The differences between cooper and Metal layers are probably
in the properties that cooper has (corrosion, resistance, temperature, conductivity regarding other metals and so on). This are the parameters that every layers has. Plus, the for a PCB, the principal layer (FR4) has other properties like permitivity, absortion of water,loss tangent, width of the substrate and so on. In general de manufacturer gives you this properties, with values and you place this values in right places (in MWO , where you map the layers).

Hope this will help you.Maybe I don't understand very well where you are getting to :)....
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