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AVR ATmega644,32 88,8,128 etc Burner software

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Dec 4, 2011
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Please let me know I have USBasp programmer but I need software for burning hex file in ATmega644 and ATmega8,32,88,128.

Can anyone know about universal AVR programmer software please tell me?

There are numerous programming apps compatible with the USBasp, the choice largely depends on your platform OS, level of current support and your personal preference.

Some of the more common choices, take your pick:

AVRDUDE - AVR Downloader/UploaDEr

eXtreme Burner - AVR GUI Software for USBasp based USB AVR Programmers.

Khazama AVR Programmer - GUI for AVRDude


AVR8 Burn-O-Mat: a GUI for AVRDude

If you are using a Windows OS you'll need to install a device driver as well:

USBasp - USB programmer for Atmel AVR controllers

The MacOS X and Linux OSs do not require an additional device driver.


I was download eXtreme Burner but it has not ATmega644 then I installed Khazama there are large variety of ATmega series and others
Khazama can work with USBasp.And how can I do my USBasp in operating condition means how to load its driver etc please describe.

Khazama and several other GUIs are frontends and require AVRDude to perform the actual programming.

The following tutorial demonstrations the steps required to use an AVRDude GUI with the USBasp:

Programming atmega using USBasp

The above tutorial uses the Burn-O-Mat GUI, therefore just substitute Khazama when appropriate.

Firmware Downloader Software Tutorial Microcontroller (AVR Programmer Khazama) - Translated to English

The following tutorials cover USBasp driver installation and use of AVRDude with USBasp:

**broken link removed**

**broken link removed**

AVR Programming–Tutorial 1- Winavr & Usbasp Installation

AVR Programming–Tutorial 2–Hands on Programmers Notepad & MAKE file creation

AVR Programming–Tutorial 3–Burning .hex file on to AVR chip

AVR Programming–Tutorial 4–AVRDUDE command line Programming

AVR Programming–Tutorial 5–FUSE Bit Setting

AVR Programming–Tutorial 6–ATMEL STUDIO 6 Installation & Creation of New Project

AVR Programming Tutorial 7-AVR Burner Software

I hope these tutorials get you started in the right direction.

I build USBasp attached picture,but laptop cannot detect any thing from USB port ,but how can it detect while I build new hardware there is no firmware or software in the ATmega8 used in USBasp.

Please let me know about working USBasp programmer hardware.

You'll need to preprogram the AVR before using it in USBasp.

Do you have a simple serial or parallel AVR programming?


How to preprogram AVR because i have not any AVR programmer.

If I could have a programmer of AVR then why I need to build USBasp?
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You've encounter the classic "the chicken or the egg" paradigm, unfortunately you will need one to obtain the other.

One option is to build a simple AVR STK200/300 ISP style programmer and use a programming app like PonyProg to program the initial ATmega8.

The STK200/300 ISP style programmer only requires a PC's parallel port, a 74HC244 and a few discrete components.

The universal STK200/300 programmer revisited

PonyProg - serial device programmer

You can quickly construct the STK200/200 on breadboard, as you'll only need it to program the ATmega8.

Once the USBasp is up and running you can use it to program future AVRs using a USB port.

Or if you have a friend with an AVR compatible programmer, have them program the ATmega8 for the USBasp.

A very simple programmer is , I haven't tested it but I've read comments of other users that have made it and works fine.
It should be simple enough to make it and program the USBasb.

I will try your given circuit and do you know about the circuit posted by alexan_e,its will work or not? Please let me know.

The circuit can be assembled in a small amount of time so why don't you give it a try?

Ok i am making it.

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Dear alexan_e,

I make AVR programmer but ponyprog respond attached.

Is the mcu still onboard?
If you are trying to program it from the IDC plug there is jumper (JP2) to connect the Reset pin to pin5 of the IDC have you used it?
The serial port can't provide supply, you have to provide it externally (USB of the board would be fine)

The COM port number is another probable cause, try to do a loopback test, connect RX to TX at the PC plug and use a terminal to identify which com port number echos the typed character.
Make sure to use no hardware flow control

So you tried the loopback and identified the COM port correctly?
You have also set the jumper.

Give us more details on the asked questions not a generic answer for all of them together

In my laptop only one com port.

And please let me know about loopback test.

The following document demos how to use a loopback test for diagnosing issues with a USB to Serial Adapter, however the method applies to a standard serial port as well.

Your laptop may have one RS232 post but unless you have used it before you can't be sure if it is COM1 or COM2, unless you already know this?

For the loopback test connect Rx to Tx at the PC plug , open a terminal in the PC , set for no flow control and then type characters and if the COM port number is correct you should see any typed characters echoed back


**broken link removed**

You say yoiu have connected the chip directly to the programmer out of the board, so are all supplies connected?
Have you used any capacitor for the supplies?
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