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ATTRACTS: A Smartwatch to prevents hand Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

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Jun 14, 2015
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One of ATTRACTS feature

In the past last years, there are a lot people have this kind of disorder. Carpal tunnel syndrome is a common disorder that affects your nerves in the wrist. This disorder makes your nervus medianus compressed when the nerve passes through the tunnel in your wrist (called carpal tunnel, that’s why this disorder is called carpal tunnel syndrome). That’s why we were inspired to make Attracts, Automatic Treatment for Hand Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Attracts is the first open source medical watch powered by Teensy and using muscle sensor as a movement detector. It has small size and (of course) safe to be used. Attracts is designed to prevent the carpal tunnel syndrome. Besides, it also can be used by the patient of carpal tunnel syndrome to exercise their wrist.
We’ve been making Attratcs since January. We started this project by learning the Arduino’s program. In March, we started to make the PCB for our watch with ATMEGA2560 and OLED screen. But, we faced several problem in the electronic part, so we decided to use Arduino Pro Mini. Unfortunately, the Arduino’s clock is limited. So, when the sensor read the phenomenon, it can’t be 100% accurate. In the end, we use Teensy. Teensy has small size, ARM processor, and 96 MHz clock. Moreover, we changed the OLED screen with 1.44” TFT screen because it’s more interactive. Until now, Attracts has already came up with second prototype.
Attracts consists of muscle sensor, bluetooth modul, flex sensor, and LCD TFT 1.44” screen. Attracts uses Teensy 3.1 with the speed of 72 MHz. Attracts looks like a watch, so it’s comfortable to be used. Furthermore, Attracts is a mobile device, so you can bring your Attracts everywhere you go.
Attracts can control your wrist movement and prevent your wrist from weariness. Besides, you can use your Attracts as your mouse. So you can cooly move your presentation’s slide with your wrist gesture. You can also playing games only with your wrist movement.

I hope you like our project :)

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