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Atmel Introduces Second Generation EDA Tool For Programmable

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Mar 4, 2002
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Atmel® Corporation introduced its second generation System Designer EDA tool suite for design of its FPSLIC(TM) family of programmable systems-on-chips (SoCs). System Designer 2.0 is the most comprehensive programmable SoC tool suite available providing fully integrated software (AVR® processor) & hardware (FPGA) co-design and co-verification for the implementation of embedded systems designs. Unique features specifically target embedded system designers and software engineers to help automatically create and verify FPGA logic without having expert knowledge of FPGAs or a hardware description language (VHDL or Verilog).

Atmel's AT94K series FPSLIC(TM) provides on a single chip the logic, processing, control, memory and I/O functions required for low power, high performance embedded systems applications such as industrial control, wireless infrastructure, point of sale and test equipment.

Does anybody have experience with Atmel's software? Is their software good enough? I've always been a Xilinx fan. I'll be willing to give Atmel a shot if their FPGA is fast enough(100MHz, 5 levels of logic) and their software is relatively stable and does its job. Can anybody share some experience? Thanks a lot in advance!

Does Atmel SOC aren't expansive compared to xilinx for the same performances ?

Please rewiev my comments on Systems-On Chip forum. I have System Designer 2.1 for this chips and own Development board. Have questions - please contact.

Well, i am using these tools, surprisingly they really work! fpslic is a nice combination of avr-micro and fpga, but imho the chips are too expensive...

Does anybody have experience with Atmel's software? Is their software good enough?

I have it and it works for me. I can't compare to XILINX because I have never used XILINX. 100 MHz Design is difficult, at least for me as a beginner.


Yes, but you must know any VHDL syntesis and simulation tools. I did not expected serious difficulties in study software.

Re: Atmel Introduces Second Generation EDA Tool For Programm

Does anybody have a link where I could to download any version of System Designer from? I need it a lot.

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