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Assembly code for Elevator Simulator for 89C51 MCU

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Jan 18, 2006
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89c51 simulator

I've been searching for the assembly code for the Elevator Simulator compatible with the AT89C51 microcontroller. Can someone help me get this please? I'm looking for some assembly code that is explained complete with comments besides each statement. I'm new to coding for microcontrollers, so i was just looking for some example codes because i want to learn by examples. Please Help.

elevator simulator

I don't know about elevator simulator much, but i can help you about 8051 assembly.Can you write more detail about the code you want?

assembly 89c51

Oh thank you so much. It is only that I want to learn the coding and designing part for a microcontroller by examples. I'm looking for some complete projects (not that blinking led, 7-segment please) with well commented assembly or C code. I've been looking everywhere but in vain.

And regarding the Elevator Simulator, I think the arrangement should have four leds, four switches and these represent the four floors. When a switch is pressed, the leds in that sequence should be lit up. For instance, if a person presses the third switch, the leds 1,2 and finally 3 should light up and now when a person presses the second switch, from the 3rd led, the lighting should go to 2nd and stop there. And so on...

And yeah, I forgot to mention, I am a complete beginner when it comes to microcontroller. So, even a small help would make a large difference for me. Please Help.
89c51 asm example programs

Instead of creating imaginary projects, why not to work/learn with off-the-shelf projects, at first simple ones, such as connecting 8051 (89C51) to PC via the serial port, or similar ( **broken link removed** ), and then try some more complex projects, such as for example a robot ( **broken link removed** ) ..


sample 89c51 microcontroller asm programs

Thank you so much Sir... The first site is invaluable... I'll read the material in that site. Can you please give me a few more sites that have such projects?

code assembly 89c51

Also you can use simulator program like Proteus to simulate your projects.

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