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Are Cross-wind compensation and Road crown compensation functions inputs to LKA function?

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Oct 30, 2014
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Please consider Active Steering Assist Electronic Control Unit (Steering ECU) used in a commercial truck. It has Lane Keep Assist (LKA) function, Cross-wind compensation, and Road crown compensation.

This ECU is composed of a camera input, and driver outputs to control the torque overlay steering gear.

Is LKA function completely independent of above two compensation functions? For example, if this LKA function is moved to a different ECU (camera ECU) in the truck, the above two compensation functions don't need to be moved to the camera ECU. The LKA function in camera ECU would calculate torque demand and send it to steering ECU over the CAN network.

I'm thinking camera ECU doesn't need above two compensation functions for LKA functionality? I think the way LKA function works is it compensates for lateral movement by analyzing video provided by the camera? It doesn't matter what disturbances are causing lateral displacement, whether it's wind or something else, the torque demand that is calculated would be output to steering gear to compensate lateral displacement.

I'm thinking above two compensation functions are input to steering assist function and are not needed for the LKA function? I think the lateral displacement gets captured by camera and torque demand that gets calculated includes any environment disturbances, such as wind? If above two compensation functions are input to torque demand, then compensation due to wind and crown road would be applied twice?

I think whether LKA function resides in steering ECU or camera ECU, it doesn't use above two compensation functions? They are for steering assist functionality?

Suppose the vehicle tilts to one side due to wind or road slant, yet remains centered in the lane. The camera sees the lane bounds shift. As a result the system believes (mistakenly) the vehicle is wandering out of the lane. Of itself it might steer left or right when it ought to continue straight.

Not that I know for certain but that could be the reason for additional safeguards in the decision-making routines.

Suppose the vehicle tilts to one side due to wind or road slant, yet remains centered in the lane.
Since vehicle remained in the lane, LKA torque calculation criteria should not activate.

Nevertheless camera sees white lines retreat when vehicle tilts away from them. Then we can guess the software routines evaluate reports from all detectors, to decide whether new steering action is warranted.

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