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Anyong know an N plug to N plug adapter with good return loss?

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Nov 6, 2011
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I'm looking to find some N-plug to N-plug adapters, which have a good return loss up to at least 6 GHz. Whilst it seems possible to get decent N-female to N-female, I can't find decent anything with males at each end. I'd like a return loss of at least 30 dB (1.06:1), but if I can't get that, l'll have to make do with the best I can get.

I've looked at one from Pasternack
but the specification gives the SWR as 1.3:1 (return loss 17.7 dB). That's pretty poor.

Likewise the Huber and Suhner 32_N-50-0-1/133_N has the same spec at 6 GHz 1.3:1 (return loss 17.7 dB), although I measured one at considerably better than this (30.0 dB)

I can't find a spec on the Radiall R161703000W, although I measured one at 30.1 dB

I've measured a number of N-female to N-female adapters, and several have better performance than any male/male adapter I can find.

If anyone does want a decent female/female adapter, I suggest this is worth a look

I measured a worst case return loss of 34.6 dB on two of those.

Does anyone know of a source of decent N-male to N-male adapters?


Take a look at Inmet for high quality adapters.

Their N-type are spec'd at 1.07:1 up to 8 GHz, 1.12:1 up to 18 GHz.


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Thank you pstuckey and BigBoss for the suggestions. I suspect the Maury Microwave devices are likely to be outside my price range, but perhaps the Inmet ones are not.

Any other suggestions of adapters are welcome, but metrology grade devices from companies like Agilent, Maury Microwave, Spinner etc are likely to be outside my price range.


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