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[SOLVED] Another DRC dimension error

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Jun 14, 2011
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I'm now here and have only worked with Eagle for a short while, but I keep getting "Dimension" and "Drill distance" errors on by boards.

I'm trying to make a hole with a pad around, for a wire terminal. Im doing this with a via on 1mm.
When I look at the drill layer, there are no holes, so I make a hole with the drill, but no matter how large/small I do things now, I get the errors.

What am I doing wrong and why do I keep getting these errors?

How should I make a hole with a pad around?

This is how the board looks, but as I said, even if I make the holes alot smaller/larger, I still get errors.

I also added the board if anyone wants to have a look.

View attachment blink3-2.rar
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There are no DRC errors with what you have attached, but there are holes there. Maybe you could show a file with the errors?


I still don't see the error on the link you have given, but a via has a hole so you cannot put another drill through it. Normally you wouldn't use vias for soldering to because they will have solder resist over them. Look in the testpad.lbr and pick the TP component - there are several options for that such as surface pad, pads with holes and elongated pads. Use those for connecting - not vias.


Thx, I'll have a look at that instead.

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I have changed my vias for pads now. Never saw those in the device list, so thx, that will help. Also, it made all errors go away.

Is it correct that I have to mirror them to put them on the bottom layer like in this picture? I just want to make sure I'm doing it right now.


It doesn't really matter which side you put them on - they have pads on both sides. the only difference will be which side the silk screen identification appears on. If you do put them on the underside then you still don't need the vias - a through hole component can be connected from either side of the PCB. In effect, through hole pins are vias.


Thanks alot for the explanation. I'll remove the vias and then the board should be fine.

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