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anasoft hfss model for transmission line?

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Nov 11, 2007
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i need to find equivalent rlc for a transmission line and simulate it using Anasoft hfss
any help

hfss mode

you can use HFSS to simulate your transmission line and then you can use HFSS to extract equivalent circuit of the simulated structure

I hope it'll be helpful

hfss transmission line

thanks ..but i need tutorial how to simulate transmission lines all tutorials in net about antennas

transmission line hfss

In HFSS there's no difference between antenna and transmission lines simulating only in the later the radiation box cab be smaller since we wave a few radiation

equivalent of transmission line into other model

thanks, but does it make differece if i make the orientation of the TL vertical not horizontal??

hfss models

No it's not important

thanks for help, another more question
does hfss simlator take into consideration non-linear effects like
nonlinear capacitance that appear when the copper conduction passes through Si.??
and if n't how i can make it take it into consideration?

HFSS does electromagnetics equations solving and these equations are Maxwell equations and HFSS uses FEM(Finite Element Method) for solving and the resulted equivalent circuit is based on this solving. in HFSS simulations if there is any effect it takes its into account

what i mean this interface is variable according to the appplied voltage..when i make frequency sweep the voltage is constant .. so i need to make voltage sweep .. is there voltage sweep in hfss? also the excitation wave plane mean i enter a signal is it digital or analog (frequency sweep happins with sine or square source)?

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