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Alternative for hd44780 controller

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Jan 5, 2013
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Hi! May I know an alternative or substitute for 16x2 alphanumeric lcd based on HD44780 controller. This is not available in our country so I am hoping to find one that can replace it for my project, a speedometer with odometer. Thanks!

I don't think you will find any place in the world that does not have a HD44780 compatible LCD.
Can you tell us what was available?

I searched that Hitachi HD44780 is already obsolete. And I also find sites selling online but they are from India and US. Shipping will take time so that is not an option for me. Here is the pdf of available LCDs. View attachment LCD VFD LED DISPLAY.pdf Hope you find one. :)

If you zoom at the first 2x16 display Item Code:77016160 you will see on the board printed SC162A3

If you search for that it leads to this datasheet
This datasheet says that it uses S6A0069

I have found several posts that indicate that this driver is compatible with HD44780 like but you should compare the datasheet of the two drivers to be sure.
Another option is to ask the shop that sells them.
Thank you so much. I've downloaded the data sheet the of LCD you've mentioned and I will compare the two. I'll also go to the store tomorrow.
Thanks again. :)

I suppose you mean the datasheet of the S6A0069 controller since the display datasheet has only some basic info
**broken link removed**

That is not the same display I have described , it uses KS0066 controller

Ow, Yes, you're right. This is different from what you've described. Sorry my mistake. But I think it is also compatible so I'll compare the three. Thanks for the data sheet for S6A0069 controller.

The following image contains a list of some of the HD44780 compatible display chipsets.


Keep in mind, compatibility does not typically include the display pinouts.

Also timings and required delays may vary, consult the actual chipset datasheet for these specs.

I don't think you will find any place in the world that does not have a HD44780 compatible LCD.
In addition, you'll also hardly find an alphanumeric LCD display with byte parallel interface that doesn't use a HD44780 compatbile controller. In so far, the thread is imagining non-existing problems from the start.

There are small detail differences between the various HD44780 compatible controllers, usually they can be ignored

Thank you for this list bigdogguru. :)

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