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Advantages of optic fibers

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Apr 15, 2006
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What are the advantages of using optical mean to transmit microwave wave up to 0.1THz than using electrical mean??

Thanks :)

Electromagnetic interference is low, low noise and good bandwidth

Your signal needs only one fiber cable to be transmitted, I don't know any other cables could hold such speed (please if any one knows other cables tell us), also attenuation and distortion is the least.

main reason is the security thats why it is the most promising medium for army purposes.

As for the optical fibers transmission mode, there are multimode and monomode ones.

The monomode ones are better for long-distance connections than de multimode ones.

The main reason for this is that the multimode ones implies in worst signal/noise relation than de monomode ones.

Hi All,

I may add that Optic fiber is only such meadium where one can launch both analog and digital signals with equally good fidelity.The Upper Freq limit is (theoriticaly) Infinity!! FO cables are more immune to cross-talk.

The greatest advantage is with the amplifiers. Long-haul FOC uses passive amplifiers, ie., there is a "Amplifier" peice of FO cable (passive) wherein the signal is automatically 'boosted' just by travelling through it !!!!!


Advantages Of Fiber Optics

Immunity to Electromagnetic Interference
Data Security
Non Conductive Cables
Eliminating Spark Hazards
Ease Of Installation
High Bandwidth Over Long Distances

for details, refer to **broken link removed**

And the possibility to carry on many many signals at the same time, using DWDM (Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing).

In theory, DWDM means an infinite amount of data channels (because there are infinite colors of light - wavelenghts) per fiber optic line.

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