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About webcam interfacing with STM32

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May 25, 2008
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I want to use the STM32F4 microcontroller to receive a video stream then stream it over ethernet with the rtsp protocol .

I need you guys to tell me wich circuit would be the best for interfacing with STM32.

Can I interface a webcam with the STM32 via the USB OTG ? (I have basic ideas about usb protocol, but the problem is that the webcam I have is not supported by linux so there is no code source for the drivers, so no Endpoint references ...)

Is it possible to define Endpoints and vendor-specific commands that trigger the bulk transfer of video ( streaming ) by debugging the usb traffic ?

Or, would you recommend another circuit that provide video stream simple to interface with the STM32 .

I know this is kind of crazy thing to do :p but I'm asking how hard it's gonna be ?

Let me know what you think of this project ?

PS: The rtsp part of the project is not the purpose of this topic .

Thanks in advance.

If you're not using Linux, then it's going to be hard for 2 reasons.
1. The lack of existing driver that you've mentioned above, which was the subject of a similar post by someone else just a few days ago
2. The compression issue - with Linux, at least you could use some open source for this. If you're not using Linux then you
may have to write your own (You most likely won't have the throughput to stream uncompressed).
None of it is impossible (anything is possible in software), so just depends on how much time and resources you have.

Thanks for your answer :)
Well Linux is not an option here, let's say I'm going to skip the webcam and use a camera circuit instead, any recommended chips ?

OVT have loads of cameras, you'd probably want a low-res one if you're planning to read the camera output directly into the microcontroller.
You need to allocate a fair amount of memory for storing the image. It's a lot of data to stream over the network though, even with a small camera. So you may also have to solve the compression problem - not sure if a small microcontroller has the capability to do that, maybe it does.

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