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A simple microphone - need help in correct connections

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Aug 12, 2009
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A simple microphone


This is my first thread on this forum. After have studied electronic when I was younger, I let it down because of a lack of time. I try to work it back.

So, I decided to make a simple microphone of which I founded on

This is a really simple device, but I don't know every connections to make. My components differ from the picture :
- My dynamic mic has 3 pins instead of 2,
- My Jack connector is stereo instead of mono.

I think the jack won't be a problem, but the mic will. I don't know which pin (labeled 1, 2 or 3) to connect to the ground, to the potentiometer, and if I have to plug the last pin.

After have searched and reflected, I tryied something, but when trying on an amplifier, no sound was audible, at any angle of the rotative potentiometer.

Does someone here know the right connections?

Thank you for reading.

A simple microphone

My dynamic mic has 3 pins instead of 2
If it's really a dynamic microphone, only two terminals are be connected to the voice coil, you can check with an ohmmeter. I wonder, if it may be an three pin electret microphone instead. If so, it would need a power supply to generate an output signal.
Re: A simple microphone


I did make a few tests with a multimeter, and the component was like dead. So I think a power supply is needed.

I think I'll buy some real dynamic mics and search for more informations about the ones I got.

Thank you FvM!

A simple microphone

I guess the "dynamic mike" you are refering to is a condensor mic which will naturally have 3 pins and will be having high resistance, when measured with a multimeter. It will require a power supply for 2 pins while the 3rd will give away the output. Dynamic mic will be a coil suspended between the poles of a magnet and when you measure the two ends of the coil with the multimeter, you'll find a resistance below 1000E in most of the cases and you'll hear a chirping sound from the coil as the DC from the multimeter passes through the coil and makes a sound.Good luck
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