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A complete Intel Atom Cpu is synthesized on a FPGA

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Feb 22, 2002
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intel atom core fpga synthesis

Maybe somebody could get the publication :

International Symposium on Field Programmable Gate Arrays archive
Proceeding of the ACM/SIGDA international symposium on Field programmable gate arrays table of contents
Monterey, California, USA
SESSION: High level synthesis table of contents
Pages 209-218
Year of Publication: 2009

Intel® atom™ processor core made FPGA-synthesizable
Perry H. Wang, Jamison D. Collins, Christopher T. Weaver, Blliappa Kuttanna, Shahram Salamian, Gautham N. Chinya, Ethan Schuchman, Oliver Schilling, Thorsten Doil, Sebastian Steibl, Hong Wang
Pages 209-218

We present an FPGA-synthesizable version of the Intel Atom processor core, synthesized to a Virtex-5 based FPGA emulation system. To make the production Atom design in SystemVerilog synthesizable through industry standard EDA tool flow, we transformed and mapped latches in the design, converted clock gating, and replaced nonsynthesizable constructs with FPGA-synthesizable counterparts. Additionally, as the target FPGA emulator is hosted on a PC platform with the Pentium-based CPU socket that supports a significantly different front side bus (FSB) protocol from that of the Atom processor, we replaced the existing bus control logic in the Atom core with an alternate FSB protocol to communicate with the rest of the PC platform. With these efforts, we succeeded in synthesizing the entire Atom processor core to fit within a single Virtex-5 LX330 FPGA. The synthesizable Atom core runs at 50Mhz on the Pentium PC motherboard with fully functional I/O peripherals. It is capable of booting off-the-shelf MS-DOS, Windows XP and Linux operating systems, and executing standard x86 workloads.

intel cpu fpga

Yup. It is very useful for me. Can some body get these?

EltonJohn thanks for posting.

Added after 5 minutes:

Here it is
atom cpu emulator

Wow .This is so Cool !/Running DOOM!
Maybe intel wants to sell Atom IP cores too!

fpga atom ip

hey EltonJohn!

I think runnig doom is expected on intel architecture. What amazed you so much?

I just sent you a pm (personal message). Please check it.

Added after 35 seconds:

I have heard (but not seen), windows running on FPGAs

intel atom fpga

eltonjohn, i sent you another pm.

fpga cpu socket

it's as good as showing off..
it's only better when they open the source..

I also wanted to read this doc! Thanks for uploading here!
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