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A bunch of questions...

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Feb 14, 2013
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Greetings forum-goers, I have a fair bit of questions for you good people, I would be greatful if you could answer them to me.

A couple of things of me, I am a would-be electronics hobbyist, I am not completely new to the world of electronics, I know quite a fair bit of the world of electronics and electricity, I am quite familiar with alot of the parts and how they react to each other, forming circuitry etc. In theory atleast, nothing hands on at the moment. My problem at the moment is, that I would like to build circuitry, I do not have the slightest idea what I would like to build, would they even serve a practical purpose, the only thing I know is that I would like to build and test and expore them.

I am not interested in crazy complex designs, I am in search of something like "a proof of concept" kinda thing. Something that a hobbyist can enjoy. Aside from that I am an avid factual literature collector, I was thinking of perhaps an electronics hobbyist magazines. Can you guys perhaps suggest me magazines that flow with my interests (shipepd in europe i hope) ? I heard that magazines come with kits aswell, I would be particulary interested in them.

I am also interested in websites. But here comes my 2nd problem, I would like to permanently build the boards with components on them. I cannot at the moment DIY etch them, I was wondering if there is something similar to breadboards, instead of prototype testing them, I can solder my parts directly to the board afterwards ?

So my 2 questions are:
1) any magazines/sites (with kits) you can suggest to me ?
2) is there perhaps an analogue to a breadboard where I can permanently palce my components, without tracing and etching the pcb ?

Tools at my disposal: general cutters/picners etc with some cheapie multimeters and solder stations and a repurposed PC PSU for the circuit supply.

Thank you for taking your time reading this

there are boards that are basically isolator boards full of metal coated holes. you place components pins and solder them, you then solder wires between the pins etc.
I believe they are called solder boards
I hail from usa, so cant help with euro magazines.
the below link is a kit you could purchase that comes with a kit of various components and cool little sensors and a very very useful set of usb provided sources and measurement tools. I bought 1 myself and its been fun to work with. ( i liked the function generator and the fact is has both analog oscilloscope and digital io .
**broken link removed**

there are many things you can build once you have the understanding, atm I am transforming my daughter's R2D2 piggybank into a Bluetooth controlled robot with security feature built in.
I have also used my electronics knowledge to fix my broken ps3.
A very humorous simple electronics hobby design is the most useless machine project. (you can google it)

I agree on the boards - I've often heard them called "perf boards"

I'm thinking of something like

Magazines? Try Make magazine (, Nuts and Volts (, Everyday Practical Electronics ( and even web sites like (or just google "electronics magazines"). If you're interested in ham radio you can also check out QST by

Have fun!

Ramsey Electronics has a nice line of kits for beginners. I don't know if they ship outside the USA. Check them out at

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