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8051 Microcontroller based Watt-Hour Meter

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Jul 11, 2001
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optical isolater computes watts electronic design


I would like to make a 8051 based single phase Watt-hour meter for AC power. Can anybody help me with scematic and code.
Thank you

ade7753 avr

Analog Devices has a very accurate ADC chip for this. I don't know about the firmware though.

optical isolator computes watts

try this link
**broken link removed**

microcontroller based power meter

Hi ASIC and chaitana,
Thank you for your replys.
I have gone through the link given by "chaitana" . It is a good design. Sadly I could not get the article reffered by the author Rick May

" W.S. Woodward, "Optical isolator computes watts," Electronic Design, 102–103, October 14, 1994 "

I could not even find in google. If anybody have this magazine kindly help.

Thank you

microcontoller based power meter

The analog devices ad7750 is a very easy to use, accurate and cheap implementation of a watthour meter. There is no programming involved. Just hookup a few passive components with the chip and you get watthour pulses on the pins. You can drive a counter from these pulses or count them in a microcontroller for added features

energy meter using microcontroller

Thank you techie,

I thought this may be a costly IC. I will try this chip after seeing the cost and availablity.
Thank you

energy meter ad7750

firstly u will be needing a current transformer, u need to calibrate the amount of current by using that. by using a resistor of some appropriate value callibrate the voltage feed it to ADC and input it to 8051 or better to use atmel 8955 microcontroller becaz it has greater memory space and u will have a large code. using the internal counter of the microcontroller workout the time for which the power is supplied. nad then trasfer the units or say cost at output of microcontroller. now the problem is that if the light fails then all the data in the microcontroller will also be lost. so in that matter u can use an IC i don't exactly remember the name for that but it is used in PC's for time storage. u can use that for the latest readings. but using that is really a very hard thing. this is the basic pattern. i hope that u may find it useful.

analog devices 8051

ITP said:
Thank you techie,

I thought this may be a costly IC. I will try this chip after seeing the cost and availablity.
Thank you

the ad7750 has been replaced by the ad7755

it costs $2.50 for 100 pieces and more in pdip package, and $1.98 in ssop package.
I dont think it's a costly IC ... ! compared to a 8051 plus adc and more...
and if you need less than 3 pieces, the samples are free...

have a good day.

energy meter 8051

Hi.. I have build one for small study project but I used AVR.. I used current transformer and voltage transformer. It quite good but err is about 5-10 watt.. The system i build is use for no more that 300v and max 40 amp. see this for more help may be it could help you. **broken link removed**

microcontroller based energy meter

Hi ,

Thank you all,
I have got lot of info from your replys.
I thank "tobb" for the link.

microcontrollore watt

You have to chose uC with LCD driver this is very important, beacuse dynamic LCD is more cheaper than static. MSP430 is great solutions. Low power, JTAG (on chip debugging), easy to buy, free IDE (for assembler, C to 2k), you need only watch crystal (32768) cause FLL( great stuff beacuse you can swich speed of uC to 7MHz). Code examples.... For power mesurement is 2 solutions.
1. ADE7753 from analog, or SAMES (expensive)
2. Take voltage and current (from precision resistor ) with A/D and multiply it in time.

ad7755 8051


i am also working on designing an energy meter

this shall be designed in vlsi , not usin a microcontroller
the idea of project is to use ade7757 chip and inteface this chip with xilinx cpld
the o/p of this cpld shall be given to an eeprom , where all the energy readings shall be saved.
this readings can later be used for calculating the energy bill

can you please give me an idea of how to go ahead with this project and can this idea be implemented , since i am working on this project alone, under no guidance...

also if u have any and pdfs or websites related to energy meter , plaese let me know

thank you

microcontroller watt meter

by using a vlsi, I'm not sure you choose the easiest solution...especially if you have no idea how to go ahead !

hour meter program in a microcontroller


On brazil our team develped a watt hour meter using Analog Devices IC's and Philips CPU to process informations. Using ST ICs to power line communication we achieve a good performance on AMR development.

But I recommend to use DSP or FPGA development to decrease the cost of final board.

Good Luck on your designs

designing watt hour meter ade7753

Hi, all

i need application note ade7753 for energy meter. is SPI in ade7753 same with serial communication in MCS51?


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