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30A, 277VAC rated relay for use with 400VDC, 10A output?

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May we use the following relay in series with the output of our 400VDC, 10A battery charger output?
We know that it is only rated for 28VDC, but we will never switch this relay when there is current flowing through it, so we will therefore be ok to use it in series with out 400VDC output?

T90S1D12-12 Relay:-

What purpose does the relay serve?

Bear in mind that opening the contacts with any significant current flowing at all will be very likely to cause an arc to strike, and it is unlikely to go out, so opening the relay under any sort of load is an inherent fire risk.

Switching high voltage DC is a pain in the toot, which is why people usually try to switch the AC side.

Regards, Dan.
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Relay is so that we don't get inrush into the LLC charger output capacitors from the battery at beginning of charge stage. We wait till LLC output = battery voltage before closing the relay.

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