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3-phase induction motor 500W drive/controller?

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Jun 19, 2001
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anyone has a schematics for the drive and controller to do vector control?

I have seen in this forum a appl. note from TI regarding U/f control with space vector PWM and a schematic with ADMC controller and IPM module.

I still search for a source of 3-phase power modules. Any suggestion are wellcome.

The file attached is the motor control board for Motorola dsp, which includes schematics and descriptions. This card drives pretty small motors (180w) but with a "little" work on the igbt modules you can drive bigger motors...
For the IGBT specs and appnotes you may check:
**broken link removed**

Motorola dsp development boards....
**broken link removed**

Have fun..

Uploaded file: **broken link removed**
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...IRF will make things easier (that's what they say..) with accelerator:
**broken link removed**

Any other info or gossip on this new controller...
Have fun.
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which dsp should I use? ti or MOT? which one i s easier to use?

I need to get a 5v supply from the 240v 3 phase source for digital control? what is the best way to get the 5v? Do I must use a transformer?

Hi ahgu
I'm using Motorola dsp56f8xx family, and I am very happy. But I have to say, I have never tried TI or other dsp, so I will only talk about motorola.

1) The dsp is powerfull, and the on board peripherals matched my needs perfectly.Motorola introduced it as a dsp with microcontroler capabilities.
Price is fair and easy available (at least in my area).

2) For a limited time, bundled with the dsp evaluation board (300usd), I got the codewarrior development kit (about 2000usd).
Codewarrior has a very nice interface, and it's very powerfull. The debug through the jtag is really nice.

3) But the most amazing thing are the SDK.
SDK are "open" libraries (source is included) "ready to use" for any application rangeing from motor control to voice rec.etc.

4) PcMaster let's you develop applications that can interact with the dsp through the SCI port. You can make oscilloscopes, simulate drive front panels,...etc.

Hopefully other dsp user will post their comments.

Have fun.

TI also gives source code for their DSP's, especially for motor control and UPS. The only problem is that their tools are expensive and that the code that they give is mostly written in assembly. This can be a small handicap as changes are difficult.

The other thing I have noticed about these DSP's, although I don't know about others like Motorola ones, is that they have a single accumulator for all arithmetic instructions which is quite old fashioned these days and can make a code run slower.

This is most probably also the reason for using so much assembly, since higher level languages require a lot of registers in order to be more efficient.

Anyone have Codewarrior for Motorola dsp56f8xx family and the SDK for the chip?

thanks in advance,

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