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24Vdc -->230Vac 1kVA reference design needed

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Jul 21, 2001
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referencedesign 24vdc 230vac

I am looking for reference design and/or application notes about a converter from 18-32Vdc to 200-230Vac 45-55Hz to drive a 1kVA single phase induction motor.


Hi, Try these:

A very simple square wave ouput inverter 2kVA:
**broken link removed**

A bit more complicated with true sinus output and 1.4kVA:
**broken link removed**


I have (12 => 120) volt converter... if you i/p 24 you will get 240!!! but take care of your devices data sheets... 12 volt is sutable for most devices.. but not 24!!!

the idea is that you generate an AC voltage from DC... so you convert DC volt into AC... then you treat it like a normal house electric sourse... and you use the transformer....

if you want to use the same components in the schematic (in my 2 links) you can connect two tepical complete converters in series so you get an equal voltage drop on each converter = 12 v... then connect the output in series BUT IN PHASE!!!!! to get 240 AC volt output

**broken link removed**

This link is dead: **broken link removed**
It has moved to the archive: **broken link removed**

Remeber to change C1 + C2 and/or R3 + R4 to get 50 Hz instedad of 60 Hz.

There's is another solution (and better I think) at the same site. You can find it here: **broken link removed**

With small modifications you can use this with 24 V.
Just connect collector of Q1 to 24 V and put in a voltageregulator such as 7805 or 7812 for the rest of the circuit. You have to use a high side driver for the transistor.

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