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230vac voltage to 12v zener

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if nothing is series then it will burn
if a resistor is in seriese for example 100k then it will give 12v in reverse bised and 0.7v in forward biase.
You may be exceeding the Zener max operating limits..pls chk the datasheet.

What is your goal??

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your zener diode is burned out . buy a new one and before any new experiment.

Goal......I am making DC power supplied led lamp. minimum voltage is 12VDC and max voltage is 110VDC.for all these voltages brightness should be same.......
Is it possible to make AC/DC power supply....PLEASE HELP.
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try this circuit.
And.... be extremely careful, although perfectly acceptable electronically, it has no isolation between the output terminals and the incoming line AC. You should insulate all the wiring as touching any part of the output risks an electric shock.

Okay thanks I tried the same with 0.1uF/400V capacitor.How to make it Universal so that I can apply minimum 63.5VAC to max 440VAC......Is that holds good for DC.Becuase capacitor may block to make AC/DC power supply....

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