I recently set up a group


The group was set up to provide a forum for discussion of moderately advanced to advanced antenna research. Typically this will mean from undergraduate research projects in universities to more advanced topics.

Here's a Wiki

most of which can be edited by anyone, but there's a page listing around 50 universities we consider to be the leading universities in antenna research.


That page can only be edited by the admins of the group. There are thousands of univertistes that do some reserach on antennas, but those listed are the main ones we are aware of. There maybe others, in which case people would need to provide evidence of major research activitiy on antennas.

Feel free to join, but please understand it is for antenna research first and formost. Questions about using VNAs or particular software packages will be rejected. The list is not moderated, but the first 4 posts from anyone will be moderated, to ensure they get the idea of the group. In particular, it is intended to be a ham-radio antenna discusssion group.