Hi All,

I have been working in a company for 3 years an a half as an electronic design engineer. I have done schematics, layout, test prototypes...etc. When I started to work there was a good number of product range already developed, so what I have done mainly is adding features to existing products rather than design product from scratch. I am looking for a new job because for personal reasons I had to move city. I am finding a bit difficult to find something. I think I have an intermediate level and all the jobs that I see are either entry level or senior design engineer. I have done a couple of telephone interviews and they didn't go bad at all, but when they ask if they project I worked with were based on existing ones I had to say that they were based on previous designs. I didn't get a face to face interview because they think I haven't got enough design experience, but they told me that I didn't answer badly the questions, so it is a bit confusing.

I have got experience in the electronic design world but I haven't designed much from scratch and I am finding this as an obstacle to find a new job. Any recommendation on how I should treat this problem?, any idea will be good, thanks.