I have bought a module like this one :


I try to use it with a MICROCHIP PIC 16LF2620 (MPLAB X and XC8 compiler). I have modified one ef the cpp libraries we can find at different places (all quite the same) to use the hardware SPI of the PIC. The program compiles and runs, I have checked writing and reading in the chip by loops with a LSA, I have read all the registers after SoftReset, everything seems good, but there is a big problem, nothing at the TX1 and TX2 outputs, then no transmission.

I have bought a second module expected to be equipped with a NXP chip (the first one has a FUNAN FM17522 chip which responds 0x88 for the version. But unfortunately it gives the same result, not 0x91 or 0x92. I wonder if there is a difference or if it is fully compatible, it is necessary to fill a NDA to obtain the full datasheet from FUNAN.

I have recorded the Init() also with the LSA, and checked it is the same as in the source code, and correct compared to what is in the NXP datasheet.

In the ToCard() function there is a loop executed 2000 times to read the CommIrqReg waiting for a response. I think transmission should be on at this point, and I have put a breakpoint, I am sure there is no Tx.

I am searching for the solution since many days, I do not understand. of course the tags cannot be read, and I have checked them (different models) with a universal reader ER301, they respond normally.

So I would be very happy if someone could have an idea. Best regards