Hi i have connected a potentiometer to pin AN 2 of pic16f877A .The 10 bit ADC converts input from 0-1023 .
Now ,i want to transmit the data serially to arduino uno R3 and display on the monitor .I have connected the Tx of pic to Rx of arduino and also have a common ground .I have also created a software serial port in the Arduino so that the one which sends data to the computer via USB does not conflict with the one used for communication with PIC .

When I send alphabets or numbers using the statement e.g.Uart1_Write_text('A') ,the data is received in ASCII at the arduino and after conversion to char i can display it on monitor.

But in case of potentiometer ,the data is not transmitted at all or garbage values are received .Mind you ,I have displayed the ADC data on LCD and I get values from 0-1023 as I change the potentiometer .But there's some problem with serial transmission.

Maybe its a problem of the data format Im transmitting but i can't figure it out .

Assistance would be highly appreciated.