Hi friends

I have a problem with the flex lcd.c library.

When I connect the lcd on proteus , there is a warning about a logic detection (d4 to d7) , but the characters appear clear.
But on the board , I donít see any thing clear , and I test the output of data , I saw thatís all are 5 v !
I donít know what is the problem , but can you help about that?

My lcd pin map is :
#define LCD_DB4 PIN_C3
#define LCD_DB5 PIN_C2
#define LCD_DB6 PIN_C1
#define LCD_DB7 PIN_C0
#define LCD_E PIN_C7
#define LCD_RS PIN_C5
#define LCD_RW PIN_C6

If itís impossible to help me about that , can you help me , how can I change the data pins as I like? In struct method in lcd.c , or any thing