Hello, I am new to EDAboard and magnetic component design and construction. I am trying to construct an SPWM full-bridge DC-AC inverter,
I can design Transformers but I am confused on how to go about the Design and selection of core for the output filter
that will remove the unwanted harmonics and convert the SPWM pulse train to pure sine wave at the output of the inverter.
Please, any suggestion and links to design guide material/tutorial will be greatly appreciated.

Also, in order to mitigate the phenomenon of volt-second drift and transformer saturation, I found that I need a blocking
capacitor in series with the primary (low voltage side) winding. But My primary peak current is around 100A, so my questions are:
1, How do I calculate and select the Blocking capacitor
2, what type of capacitor to use
3, Can the said capacitor withstand such an high current
please, pictures of blocking capacitors will be appreciated since it is hard to get new component where I reside so I might have
to raid a radio shack to get one.