I wanted to emulate a PS2/mouse using a PIC microcontroller.

I want my PIC16f877 based PS2 device to get initialized as a mouse when my PC starts up.
I have written PS2 driver in PIC16f and i think it works fine becoz when i connect it to my keyboard PS2 port of PC
and send make codes of keys say 0x1c for 'a' followed by 2 byte make code of uparrow it gets done successfully,I can view
the result in a notepad ,i actually do it by first starting up PC with a key board connected and then replacing it with my PIC based device.
i did it by referring the link mentioned in some of the posts:


i also read that before sending data to host the device should see its clk line as high for atleast 50 us.
and when sending multiple byte codes there should be 1ms delay between bytes
am i correct with this??

When the system starts iam able to see commands 0xEE and 0xff frm the PS2 mouse port and then i send FA AA and 00,
but its not responding with FF or with any ack.When viewed on an oscilloscope i see the clock line to be always low although
i have given pull up resistors(10k) to both data and clk and also released clk line in my code.I would appreciate if you could suggest me
with some ideas or any code to communicate with PC host. I am using clk frequency of 20Khz,kindly let me know if iam wrong somewhere with hardware and or the delays.
please help.