Hello everyone!

I am working on the development of antenna system for LEO Satellite ground Station in S band. Can anyone please guide me about the techniques that we prefer for tracking the LEO Satellite. To name some, that i have so far seen in literature, are:

1. Programmed track (Probably named as auto track as well?)
2. Conical Scanning
3. Monopulse tracking
4. GPS

Now what I believe so far is that we should not prefer monopulse tracking (after i consulted literature) for LEO as its a well precised but complex system and we don't need to track the LEO satellite for more than 30min approx in a day. I think we should prefer monopulse in GEO satellites.

In programmed track, we use different freewares like "Orbitron" and "Wispdde" that automatically track the satellite and I think we should prefer this for LEO tracking as it is cheap and easily implementable . (But one question is, can we use it for commercial or official purposes or is it allowed for amateurs and hobbyists only? )

For conical scanning and GPS tracking, I really don't have any idea how do we track in these techniques and will they be beneficial or not.
Also please suggest if you know any other technique that is being used in commercial/official ground stations, and please correct/update me if I was wrong somewhere in the above discussion.

Looking for your kind assistance and positive feed back as soon as possible.

Best regards