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    problem Sending AT commands to nokia 3220

    i'm trying to us nokia 3220 mobile phone to send sms via AVR
    my problem is when i connect my phone to PC COM1 for testing AT commands and try to send a simple at command
    when i type AT and then press enter there must be ok appear on the screen of the hyper terminal but there seems no responce at all

    and when i test the hyper terminal i used all baud rates available by my com port but there's no response as i said before .
    i'm sure from that nokia phones work with 9600 bps ,1 stop bit , control(none) and no parity .

    this link confirms that my mobile nokia 3220 supports AT command
    look for ''The Following Modems/Phones Have Been Said to Work'' here
    Supported GSM SMS modems | Database and Web Service Access for Mobile Employee and Customer Self-Service via SMS, Email and Inst | Mobile Data Now

    so please could you help me with this problem
    i'm using DKU 5 cable with serial interface directly not (USB)

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    any help please
    i'm realy in big trouble :(
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