I'm designing a UHF diode detector,the diode's output voltage's response time(rise/fall)time should be a few ns;I searched some functions,they said the Rv or Rl
of a diode should be decreased,but If Rv be decreased,then the Ib should be increased,but IBV has a limit. If we decrease the Rl,normally the Rl should be amout of KΩ to get a fit voltage out of some mV to 1V,if the Rl decreased to <100Ω,the max output voltage maybe some mV,then could I use a op amp to amplify hundreds of times? but I worry the nkt noise floor also be amplified hundreds of times.

then how I properly design a diode detector's with response time of a few ns or more little, could your guys give some advice? the attach is a model of MITEq detector which just be what I want ,Thanks!