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Recent content by zaed_salah

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    BER vs SNR in multipath channel

    Hi Can any one check my Matlab code for calculating bit error rate in multipath channel . I think something wrong with it
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    How to simulate DS-UWB system with m-sequence code?

    Hallo every body, I need your help!! I am still newbie in Matlab. Could you please tell me how to simulate DS-UWB system, with m-sequence code. I have generated m-sequence but I need to know to generate symbol date with desired frequency band, and should I use pulse like Gaussian pulse . Thanks
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    chirp signal with Matlab

    Hallo, Here, I wrote up chirp and down chirp signals, with autocorrelation, but the plot didn't look nice, any help? Also, I want to plot their PSD, how ?: t=0:25E-9/1000:25E-9; fc=3.85E9 u=.5E9/50E-9 fc1=4.35E9 x=cos(t.*(2*pi*fc+pi*u*t)); y=cos(t.*(2*pi*fc1-pi*u*t)); c=xcorr(x,'coeff')...
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    chirp signal with Matlab

    Hallo everybody, I want to generate up and down chirps using matlab and plot them with these values: bandwidth =500Mhz, Fc=4.09 GHZ T=25ns. I did aready tried to plot them, but they did not look nice. Also, which best matlab function to plot their power spectrum density?? Thanks
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    Matlab Power spectrum for analogue signal

    Hello everyone I am newbie in Matlab, and I want to generate and plot power spectrum density for analogue signal , using dsp.data.psd. Any help?? Thanks

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