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  1. Willt

    Metal antenna ratio is not cumulative, but why?

    Hi all, Most of the material discussing antenna rule says that metal antenna ratio (AR) is not cumulative (e.g. just count M2 alone, not M2 and M1 together). But why? Is this because the gate leakage discharges the metal which is already fabricated? Maybe for more advanced technology...
  2. Willt

    [SOLVED] Virtuoso Layout Bindkeys for flip MX, MY

    I found that the operation works by loading the following lines: hiSetBindKey("Layout" "<Key>8" "leRotateCB()") ;;rotate hiSetBindKey("Layout" "<Key>9" "leSetEnv("orientation" "MY")") ;;sideways orientation hiSetBindKey("Layout" "<Key>0" "leSetEnv("orientation" "MX")")...
  3. Willt

    Via location on power line

    Hi guys, I'm wondering where the via location should be on the power line, considering resistance, current density and fabrication performance. Take the following picture as an example. Which one approach do you prefer? Any reason? Thank you very much for your feedback :grin: Will
  4. Willt

    [SOLVED] Virtuoso Layout Bindkeys for flip MX, MY

    Hi brothers, I know the function to do rotate by bindkey "leRotateCB()" How about flip MX and MY by bindkey after clicking move or copy? I know Key F3 can do the operation, and then click MX/MY buttons Thanks a lot Will
  5. Willt

    Explanation how does nor/nand flash memory work

    NAND Flash systems enable faster write and erase by programming blocks of data I think this is the reason why NAND flash write speed is higher than NOR flash. http://umcs.maine.edu/~cmeadow/courses/cos335/Toshiba%20NAND_vs_NOR_Flash_Memory_Technology_Overviewt.pdf
  6. Willt

    Virtuoso Hotkey Setting

    I mean you type the function in the command line of ICFB window not Unix/Linux command line
  7. Willt

    Virtuoso Hotkey Setting

    How about if you type the following in icfb command line: load("your_home/your_hotkey_file.il") It should return a "t" If not, what does it return?
  8. Willt

    Virtuoso Hotkey Setting

    Hi dude, I'm also a beginner Do you have .cdsinit file in your home directory? If no, please create one. And put the following in this .cdsinit: load("your_home/your_hotkey_file.il") Hope this helps ~ Will
  9. Willt

    Gate-level Netlist TO RTL Netlist

    apr rtl Actually, I can do it manually. But I want to know if there is any automatic way to do so. The reason for the transform is for the sake of process independent. After transforming gate-level netlist to RTL netlist, the RTL netlist can then be transformed to any process by synthesis...
  10. Willt

    Gate-level Netlist TO RTL Netlist

    rtl netlist Hello guys ~ I would like to know: Is there any tools that can transform gate-level verilog netlist TO RTL verilog netlist? Your guidance is highly appreciated !! Will
  11. Willt

    Which software do you use for drawing the timing diagram

    Sometimes I use Microsoft Excel to draw waveform. Quite simple and fast Will
  12. Willt

    Tuning Fork in IC Layout

    Dear all, What is the function of tuning fork in flash memory IC layout? Is it used for positioning the core array? Is it allowed to place transistors under tuning fork? Thank you for your sharing in advance. Will
  13. Willt

    Low Pin Count (LPC) Devices

    Hi friends, Any advantages of using low pin count (LPC) devices?? e.g. LPC MCU Any information? Thank you very much for your help in advance. Will
  14. Willt

    Free Viewer for .trn File

    trn viewer I would like to know whether there is free software/viewer for NC Verilog simulation results (.trn files)? Thanks a lot. Will
  15. Willt

    what forms the channel in a MOS

    Provided that Vgs - Vth > 0, a channel is formed from the electrons in substrate which is connected to the ground for NMOS. When there is potential difference between drain and source, current flows through the transistor.

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