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Recent content by twomilimeter

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    Effective Noise Bandwidth

    Hi, I am a little confuse here. What is effective noise bandwidth? I saw some definitions stated that: "Effective Noise Bandwidth of a filter is defined as the width of an ideal filter which, with an identical reference amplitude gain, would transmit the same power from a white noise source."...
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    AD834 spice model needed - please share

    AD834 spice model Hi, I wish to ask if anyone has a spice model for Analog Devices AD834 (500MHz 4 quadrant multiplier) and could share with me? Thank you very much. twomilimeter
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    OP AMP Circuit Stability question

    Circuit Stability Hi... If I have an OP AMP circuit with a DC gain of -31dB and roll off at 10MHz and my phase angle reach -180 at 3MHz, is my circuit considered stable? Kindly advise. Thank you very much. Warmest Regards, Twomilimeter
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    Issues with HP4396B Network Analyzer

    Re: HP4396B Network Analyzer Dear Rich, Thanks for the information. Could I confirm that if we select "B/R", and by doing a frequency sweep, are we actually measuring the power transfer function of the circuit with reference to R? How about the measured phase? What does it physically mean...
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    MATLAB - FFT - different result - why?

    mando88eg did not read the question carefully...
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    [SOLVED] Interfacing strain sensor to an ADC

    12 bit ADC I think you can have many from Farnell. https://www.farnell.com/distributors/pakistan_mak.htm
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    Amplifier circuit with positive feedback - stability?

    I know that we can determine the stability of an amplifier with negative feedback loop by evaluating the gain and phase margin. How do we determine the stability of an amplifier with positive feedback loop? Thanks.
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    Issues with HP4396B Network Analyzer

    HP4396B Network Analyzer Hi, I am just beginning to use a network analyzer. The model is HP 4396B network/spectrum analyzer. I started by trying to measure the input power at the R and B channel by changing the RF power source. The RF source, R and B channel are connected to a two way power...

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