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    Altium switch to 3D problem

    hi i am using altium designer 10 in windows xp OS service pack 2,grapic adapter intel(R) 82852/82855 GM/GME 64 Mb...m unable 2 switch to 3d error:graphic adapter does not meet directx ........but intel(R) 82852/82855 GM/GME is compatible for direct x...
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    ORCAD 9.2 signal integrity

    Is signal integrity feature present in ORCAD 9.2....?? i have calculated the track width for 50ohm impedence..but how to verify that it will work...how much clearance will be needed if signals are in 900M to 1GHz range....any paper related to trace clearnce??
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    High current power supply

    thnx everybody for suggestions...iv got the fault of the circuit..Two of the TIPs were faulty...now it is working...:)
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    difference between BJT & MOSFET

    hi everybody.....can anyone one tel me some operational difference between bjt and fet.........hmhm i know bjt is current controlled device AND mosfet is voltage controlled.... ---------- Post added at 21:43 ---------- Previous post was at 21:41 ---------- how 2 make the selection that should...
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    High current power supply

    **broken link removed** hi everybody....m using the circuit given in above link but the transistors do not respond...means the current through it is zero..n further the output of regulator 7812 is 22.5V..(without transistors output of regulator is Ok i.e 12V ) .i am using 24V 120A battery to...
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    what is VCO output waveform?

    can anybody plz tell me that how will be output waveform of VCO if its input contain noise..........???will it be just oscillations of different freq or noise will also be present in o/p?????????
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    pic16f877 hardware problem

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    pic16f877 hardware problem

    thnx everybody.....yes it worked,,,,problem was, setting configuration bits WDT,LVP etc....while(1) is also not necessary for keeping the control in main all the time...:-)
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    pic16f877 hardware problem

    thnx everybody...........mikroC compiler is case insensitive...so portd or PORTD is not the issue...(in proteus this code works)....WDT yes can be the problem..il check it out...
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    pic16f877 hardware problem

    hi everybody...i am beginner of pic...i have made my own pic trainer cct...with 20MHz crytal.(also check with 8MHz)...but the problem is when i burn some example of mikroC n run the cct..it works good..bt when i burn my own simplest program of just sending any value to port d it doesn't...
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    problem External interrupt RB0/INT in pic16f877

    Re: prolem External interrupt RB0/INT in pic16f877 THANKS for the reply...i am using mikro-c8....n how 2 set wdt off in mikro C...??in mPLAB i know its just ...#pragma config WDT = OFF... bt in mikro c:sad:
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    problem External interrupt RB0/INT in pic16f877

    int run=0; void interrupt(void){ INTCON.INTF = 0; portd=~portd; } void main() { TRISB = 0x01; PORTB=0; TRISd = 0x00; portd=0x3f; INTCON.GIE = 1; INTCON.INTE = 1; intcon.intf=0; INTCON.PEIE = 0; OPTION_REG.INTEDG = 1; do {...
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    How many external interrupts are there in PIC16f877?

    hi everybody can anybody tell me that how many external interrupts are there in PIC16f877....total interrupts given in datasheet are 14 but how many external interrupts??:S

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