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Recent content by rcasciola

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    Blind Via and Via-In-Pad fabrication steps

    Actually, there will be standard vias between layers 1-4. I don't plan to have blind vias between 2-4 or 3-4, nor any buried vias between 2-3. Thanks for your help! Randy
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    Blind Via and Via-In-Pad fabrication steps

    I am looking at the fabrication artwork for a reference design. It is a four layer, 1mm thick PCB with 0.4mm pitch BGAs. They use blind vias and VIP for connections from Layer 1 to Layer 2, with 0.1mm silver filled holes. But the stackup calls for core and foil construction, with an FR4 core...
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    Laptop for Altium Designer

    I will soon need to use Altium Designer while traveling. Any suggestions for a laptop suitable for a good Altium 'experience'? I'd be interested in hearing about specific models, or short of that, recommendations for processors, memory and graphics engines to look for. Thanks, Randy
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    OK to tent unused BGA pads?

    I am trying to avoid using trace/gap sizes below 4 mils. However, I cannot route traces from the inner rings of my BGA between pads without doing so. One option for me is to route the necessary inner ring signals right through some outer ring pads that are not used in my design. But I don't want...
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    Altium Copper Pour Algorithm Oddities

    I am working on a PCB design in Altium Designer S09 where I have some rather small geometries. I am experiencing some behavior which I think is strange. My experience with P-CAD is that the copper pour algorithms handled this in a way I like better. Is there some setting I might be able to...
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    Altium: Viewing multi-layer pads in current layer color

    Hi Anonymous_Ricky, Sorry to be so dense, but I tried your suggestion. I demoted "Multi Layer" below "Current Layer". Still, through hole pads always show up as the gray color which is the default "Multi Layer" color. I've even tried to turn off the "Multi Layer" layer and pads still show up as...
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    Altium: Viewing multi-layer pads in current layer color

    Even so, using Shift+S still has the through hole pads show up as the 'Multi-layer' color, not the color of the currently selected copper layer. But even so, the way you suggest it is a fairly quick way to accomplish what I need to, even if it is not as quick as being able to do it the way I...
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    Altium: Viewing multi-layer pads in current layer color

    Hi Loosemoose, If I go to Layer Select >> View Options and in the Single Layer Mode drop down select any of the three options that is NOT "Not in Single Layer Mode", then the TH pads are all still the "Multi-layer" color. Is there somewhere else I need to change something? Thanks, Randy
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    Altium: Viewing multi-layer pads in current layer color

    Hi, Short version: Is there a way to view multilayer through hole pads in the color of the currently selected copper layer, rather than in the 'Multilayer' color in Altium's Layer Select options window? Longer Version: I have been trying to figure out, without success, a way to view multilayer...
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    Altium keep out strategies for components (but not traces)

    Re: Altium keep out strategies for components (but not trace That's a reasonable technique, and one I hadn't thought of. However, I have arcs as part of my 'keep out' areas, and Room definitions don't seem to allow arcs. Any other ideas? Thanks, Randy
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    electron flow in an electric circuit

    Unless you're in the military :-) Seriously, though, the direction of current flow is by definition. You can define it either way, but you need to be consistent throughout the analysis. Nearly everyone defines current flow as being from positive to negative, but this is opposite of the...
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    Altium keep out strategies for components (but not traces)

    I was wondering how others handle the concept of a keep out for components, but allowing traces. For instance, if some mechanical part of the housing comes down and touches (or nearly touches the PCB), I want to be able to route traces there but not place components. If I put some object (Arc...
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    Altium Designer library strategies

    Hi, After years using P-CAD, I'm making the switch to AD (S09). After a couple of weeks of struggling (due to all of P-CAD techniques, terminology, etc. that are ingrained in my brain now), I'm starting to get the hang of things with AD. I would like to start my own integrated libraries for...

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