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Recent content by panns

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    Anybody can send me the datasheet of ES6168?

    es6168 Thank you very much
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    Anybody can tell me what is this iC and its mafugacture?

    MC508, use in TV box
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    constranit of xilinx product? thanks.

    Above ISE5.1, you should create a *.UCF file first, then you can edit it.
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    Anyboady can tell me how to burn Phillips UOC(TDA9381)?

    tda9381 are there any cheap programmer? how to program it by ISP?
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    How to coverter audio and video to DV format stream?

    are there any DV encode chips?
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    How to see the waveform of intermedia signals in MaxPlus

    Re: MaxPlus node, waveform. 1.after"enter nodes fron SNF" press" list" 2.press">>" and "oK". 3.Now you have to edit your input signal waveform by the left toobar 4.Go to main menu, select "max+plusII"---"simulator", then you can get your waveform of your ouput signal. 5.change your input signal...
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    Need help with building a pal programmer

    Re: pal programmer I just find one, you can make it by yourself.
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    What to choose for DSP design? Xilinx or Altera?

    re if you want to use embeded microp in FPGA, Altera is better, Altera have NIOS and support ARM core, Altera's develop tools is cheaper then Xilinx's, but xilinx's chip is more cheaper.
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    datasheet 68HC11A1 need

    68hc11a datasheet Here is A8 datasheet
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    Is the Xilinx ISE sw only a temp license?

    Re after you bought, you can update your software free charge during one year, after one year,you can continue to use, but if you want to update, you have to pay.
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    Help. Xilinx ISE4.2 Installation..

    xilinx fndtn 4.2 That is mean the spartan device will be discontinued, but you also can use it by using edf entry design. you can select another device that support VHDL and schematic and do you design only by VHDL. then use Leonardospectrum or synplify to compile it to edf file, then you can...

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