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    [SOLVED] help!!-monte-carlo analysis on a comparator's offset

    You can find a good tutorial at the followink link. https://www.designers-guide.org/Analysis/comparator.pdf In case to extract statistic parameter define a calculator expression with cross and value functions to determine offset value. Decrease the input speed of signals and apply full speed...
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    How to reduce the phase noise of a ring VCO

    Use a high poly resistor + capacitor low pass filter to filter low frequency noise. For example 1Mega ohm resistor plus 100pF MOS capacitor.
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    How to determine SFDR, SNR, SNDR of ADC with LTSpice

    sfdr of adc I use binary weighting of digital output data at Cadence calculator like (BIT<7>*2^7+BIT<6>*2^6...) Of course you can use an ideal DAC also. DFT will sample discrete points of this summed data.
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    How to determine SFDR, SNR, SNDR of ADC with LTSpice

    ideal sfdr of a dac You will do a transient simulation, assume sampling with a 500MHz clock, fsampling is 2ns. For 8-bit performance 256 data points is sufficient for FFT. Do a minimum 256*2ns (512ns) transient simulation. Input sinus frequency should be (127/256)*500M. 256 is FFT points 127 is...
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    ADC Input Buffer in 0.18um CMOS

    analog to digital converter input buffer Hi, I want to drive the Bootstrapped Switch Track and Hold circuit for a 1.5Gs/s, 8 bit CMOS ADC. For 0.18um CMOS process, normal source follower buffer has linearity and gain drawbacks because MOS transistor's output conductance is strongly nonlinear...

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