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Recent content by nodee

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    PNP Output protection components (EMC, ESD, etc.)

    Hi, On a product with a PNP output (24V 200mA) what extra circuit components are required before interfacing the collector of the PNP transistor to the outside world in an industrial environment? I'm thinking in regards to EMC requirements (surge, burst, ESD), is there a 'tyipical' circuit? or...
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    Degauss electromagnet to remove magnetic remanence

    Electromagnet - Remove magnetic remanence Hi, I have circuit that uses a electromagnet (holds about 50kg) to hold a door closed, the circuit is powered by 24V. The electromagnet is energised via a high side driver using a p-channel MOSFET connected to one terminal of the electromagnet and the...
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    Simulation of industrial environments

    Hi all, I'm trying to simulate a voltage source that represents a typical industrial environment, specifically, 24Vdc with transients and spikes added to simulate motors and drives switching. I know it is going to vary from application to application but is there something I could simulate...
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    Dielectric Withstand Test Levels

    Thanks for the info, I think the my confusion has come from dielectric strength vs impulse withstand voltage. Is the impulse test also related to the rated voltage? is the impulse withstand voltage test part of the EMC requirements? could someone clarify the difference? Thanks!
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    Dielectric Withstand Test Levels

    Im ok with all of that, im talking in terms of validation, what determines the test levels? if your rated voltage is X the dielectric test level is Y Thanks for your help
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    Dielectric Withstand Test Levels

    Does the rated voltage lead to a specific test level?
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    Dielectric Withstand Test Levels

    Hi, I have a piece of equipment (with PCB) where the maximum voltage is 300V between adjacent traces. What determines the dielectric strength test level for such a piece of equipment? Regards nodee
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    Oscillating noise on switching signal

    The frequency of the noise imposed on the switching signal is the same frequency as my ceramic resonator used for both uC and RFID IC, when I probe with my o-scope the crystal the clock signal very quickly decays (<30 cycles of the clock) to a 2Vdc level. On my prototype I am able to probe the...
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    Oscillating noise on switching signal

    Ok well rather than detuning the antenna the oscillation is affecting the sine wave produced causing the amplitude of the sine to be reduced and ultimately the affecting the field produced. The uC has a 10kHz clock signal output and a 4MHz ceramic resonator connected but neither of these seem...
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    Oscillating noise on switching signal

    FvM, this oscillation on the switching frequency is detuning the attached antenna and reducing the read range of the device. There aren't many circuit details to give unfortunately, its just a simple uC controlling the on/off of the RFID IC that has the problem. power is supplied by a switching...
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    Oscillating noise on switching signal

    Hi, We have recently moved our design onto a PCB but have encountered problems with what looks to be noise on a switching signals from one IC, the IC is a 125kHz antenna driver for a RFID application. On a prototype board the 125kHz square wave is clean (see picture left) but when on the PCB...
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    PIC Micro Fan Controller - Fail Safe Circuit

    What about a missing pulse detector? If the PWM pulse train stops the output of the detector will switch, you can then use that signal for the fail safe function. You can do it with a 555 check this link about 3/4 the way down the page. https://home.cogeco.ca/~rpaisley4/LM555.html#17
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    24Vac Solenoid powered from 110/230Vac?

    Yeah thats correct a DC solenoid, I was describing a 24Vac solenoid to avoid talk about smoothing the output etc for DC as there is no need, ill just stick a bridge on the end. Thanks, nodee
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    24Vac Solenoid powered from 110/230Vac?

    Hello all, I have a 24V 0.4~0.5A solenoid that until now I have run from rectified (no smoothing) 24Vac, I am looking to create another version of the project running from 230Vac or 110Vac. Space is tight and will not fit a transformer or large components, and I also want to use the same...
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    Stainless Steel RFID Sensors

    Assuming the steel is thinner than the skin depth, the main effect on the reader would be the loss due to eddy currents in the material? Would a ferrite core antenna help to overcome this my creating a more directional field?

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